Professional Portraits

In this digital era of selfies we are all photographers. But to make a good impression you need to employ a professional photographer who can portray you at your best.

Whether it is for print or online media we produce photographs that can work in a concert programme; on the cover of a magazine; on audition databases and on your own website.

We can offer studio style portraits against a coloured backdrop or more naturally styled images at one of our beautiful venues or at a venue of your choice. We will discuss which you would like once we have received your payment and your booking has been confirmed. See and read more about each venue.

You can dress in a formal performance costume or wear something more casual and relaxed. The choice is yours.

On the day

We allocate 30 – 45 minutes for a set of portraits to enable sitters to be relaxed and comfortable as possible.

We recommend you arrive at least 20 minutes before the start of your session to give yourself enough time to dress and prepare your hair and make-up.

What it costs

A portrait session based on one outfit costs £150.

You can combine photography with our video and audio sessions, please just ask.

What you get

We will send you a set of media ready photographs in jpeg format, with choices of both portrait and landscape formats. The images will have been colour balanced and embedded with suitable metadata for easy searching and archiving on all media databases

If you would like to be photographed in both formal and casual clothes, please book two photography sessions.

The fine print

Please read our terms & conditions which explain how to prepare and what to bring with you and how long each session will take.

If you aren’t in London email us and we will send you a quote for travelling to you.