1. What we offer

We offer high quality audio recordings; performance video and photographic portraits for classical musicians and opera singers.

Dependent on the booking you make, you will receive

  • an edited selection of colour photographs
  • HD video mp4 files
  • audio mp3 files
2. Audio

We will do a sound test and between two to three takes to provide you with a recording that shows you at your best. Each audio file is restricted to a maximum time of 5 minutes, so please time your pieces before making the final decision about what you would like to record.

3. Video

We do as many takes as is necessary, within the time available, to allow you to relax and give as good a performance as possible. Each final video is restricted to a maximum time of 5 minutes so please ensure your pieces do not overrun and have been timed before attending the production day.

Please talk to us beforehand if you have any specific approaches in mind and look carefully at the sample videos on our site. If there are particular graphics required (titles or credits etc) please email these before the editing starts. We will obviously correct any errors or omissions on our part, but substantial re-editing will have to be charged for at £50 per hour (or part thereof).

4. Audio Patching

We can often make audio patches by using sections from alternative takes, should it be required and dependent, of course, on available and suitable source material. This is an extra cost and will be charged for at £50 per hour (or part thereof).

5. Photography

You will need to do your own hair and makeup and costume change where necessary. We will edit the images and provide you a selection for use on social media, websites and in print publications.

We will do basic post production, such as colour balancing, levelling, spotting dust and cropping.

6. Delivery

We will digitally deliver your videos and photographs within 2 weeks of the shoot, and earlier if we can. If for some reason we cannot do this we will let you know.

If you have a specific deadline you need to meet please let us know and we will try our best to meet it.

7. Venue

We can book and arrange any of the venues on our venues page. We can also ensure a piano is available at these venues. Please ask for a quote for their hire.

For audition audio recordings we can offer a free space in Clapham with a boudoir grand piano. This offers very acceptable clean and clear quality recordings. The following recording was made there:


If you have a venue you would prefer to use, let us know. Any video or audio venue will require good acoustics and any venue for photography needs to look good – so do talk to us. We can bring simple backdrops and lighting if necessary. We will require payment before booking any venue (see refund terms below).

Please come 20 minutes early and arrive warmed up as we cannot guarantee a space to do this. There will be somewhere at the venue to do costume changes and make-up. We ask you to organise your own dress and make-up requirements.

8. Accompanist

You will be responsible for booking your own accompanist. If you need assistance in finding one we can put you in contact with some excellent pianists.

Please come prepared to perform without any pre-shoot rehearsal as there is may not be enough time within your slot to include this. We will do sound checks so you can adjust to the acoustics of the venue.

9. Hair & Makeup

Please make your own arrangements for hair and makeup.

10. Booking

To book please email us. We will sometimes arrange a number of scheduled shooting dates, which are available to a limited number of  performers on each day, so please ask us about this.

11. Price

Our fees begin at £100.

Bespoke services are available and will be quoted for on request.

12. Payments

Once we have confirmed your booking, we will email you a link to a page on our site from which you can pay online securely with a credit or debit card. (These payments are handled by Stripe, which means your card details are dealt with securely off our website and we do not store or have any access to them.)

If you prefer you may pay via bank transfer (please contact us for details) or cheque, made payable to Troika Photos Ltd and sent to Troika Photos, 8 Lambourn Road, London SW40LY.

13. Cancellation

You can cancel your booking and receive a full refund, without any questions asked, up to 48 hours before the shooting date, unless we have booked a venue (see below). Please just email or call us. The refund will take a few days to appear on your account.

If you wish to cancel a booking for which we have booked a venue on your behalf, you may do so up until 14 days before the production day. After this time we will try and fill your place, and if we are successful we will give you a full refund. If we cannot fill the slot then we will have to deduct any cancellation fees we have incurred from the venue and for any pre-booked equipment.

14. Use of images & videos

On payment of the full fee we grant you an unlimited license to use the audio files, videos and photographs on all online and off line platforms, publications and media, and to distribute the videos and photographs to any third party you choose.

We reserve the right to use any of the material shot or filmed on any production day on any Troika branded social media feeds and websites, as well for any Troika related promotional & PR materials, unless explicitly asked in writing not to do so before the agreed production day.

15. Performing Rights

And finally, if any of the music or spoken word you have chosen to perform is still within copyright (70 years from the end of the calendar year in which the author dies) it is your responsibility to clear any and all uses with the Performing Rights Society or equivalent organisation.

Some of our portraits
Soprano Madeleine Holmes
Madeleine Holmes, freelance opera, concert, recital and session singer and singing teacher, photographed at St Marylebone Parish Church, central London.
Pianist Gavin Roberts
Gavin Roberts, piano accompanist and Artistic Director of Song in the City, photographed at St Marylebone Parish Church, central London
One of our lastest videos