David Bates of La Nuova Musica presents Handel‘s “Quel fior che all’alba ride”.

Jashn-E-Bahara from ‘Jodha Akbar’ (2008). A violin and guitar cover performed by The Shanti Duo, Ursula Al-Mishari & Roshan Gunga.

Why video

Video can help you to:

Be listed on the best musician directories,

Apply for international auditions,

Promote concerts,

Promote yourself on your own website.

A professionally shot video is a very important part of any professional singer or musician’s promotional PR kit.

We think a good location can really enhance the look and feel of a performance video. We can offer a number of varied venues across London, chosen specifically for their acoustic and aesthetic qualities.

If you would prefer a simple black, white or coloured background, we can provide backdrops and lighting that will work in most locations.

If you book one of our video sessions you will receive a beautifully edited high definition video, including a rich soundtrack, presenting you and your voice at their best.

On the day

We allocate 30 – 40 minutes to record a single video of a short song (5 minutes maximum), which allows for a sound test and three or four takes to ensure a good performance.

Please arrive warmed up and ready to sing as we cannot offer any rehearsal time.

We recommend you arrive at least 20 minutes before the start of your session to give yourself enough time to dress and prepare your hair and make-up.

How much it costs

To record a video of one song, of up to 5 minutes in length, costs £200.

If you would like to record two songs, please book two video sessions.

You can combine a video with our audio and photography sessions by booking one of our Intermediate or Premium packages.

What you will get

After the recording we will send you a video in mp4 format ready to upload anywhere you choose as well as a link to the video uploaded onto our Vimeo channel for easy embedding.

The fine print

The cost of the venue is included in the price of our Intermediate and Premium Packages. You can see our venues here.

You will be responsible for bringing your own accompanist, and if you don’t have one we can put you in contact with some excellent pianists.

And please read our terms & conditions which explain how to prepare and what to bring with you and how long each session will take.

If you aren’t in London or would like a bespoke package, email us with your specifications and we will send you a quote.